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BAP concert with Anh!!!!!

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Yoochun at Awards


Jaejoong’s gaze wavered for a moment, shrinking away from the man before him. “I’m still beautiful?” he scoffed, turning away from Changmin as best as his chains would allow. “You say that so much I’m not sure I can believe you anymore.”

"Why can’t you believe me," "Look where we are Changmin." Jaejoong spat, trying to shield himself further. "I’m locked down in a dungeon, my powers stripped from me, you took away my glory, my wings…" Jaejoong nearly buckled at the thought of them. "They were strong, beautiful, I loved them even more than my beauty…and you took them from me. So you could keep me here."

"Jaejoong," "You took away main source of happiness. You stripped me of my power, ruined my flawless face, but nothing hurt as much as you taking my wings!" Jaejoong yelled, trying to lunge at Changmin but the chains held strong. "You say I’m beautiful, and yet here I am, locked away for no one to see." Jaejoong scoffed, backing away, leaning against his stone circle. The air was still, tension pulling tight at the two men.

"Jaejoong, you know," "Oh yes I know. You couldn’t have all your friends knowing you had even glanced my way, let alone fucked me. But you couldn’t stay away, leading me on with those very same words ‘you’re beautiful.’ Those words, those lips, your touch…" he sighed, the one breath filled with anguish. "You led me here where I am only a shadow of what I used to be."

The resentment was clear in Jaejoong’s eyes, Changmin couldn’t find himself to be angry for it either. He knew it was deserved, he was the cause. He didn’t want it like this, he wanted Jaejoong, free and beautiful as he was when they met…except Jaejoong was darkness itself. Changmin was the god of light, he should’ve never even looked at Jaejoong, but he couldn’t resist temptation, allowing himself to have a taste of darkness, and that’s what did him in.

Darkness was what he was against, it was why he existed. But to be against darkness was to let Jaejoong go.

"What if I freed you?"

[3/? Jaemin AU continuation]


"So…why are you here? You said you wanted to talk." Jaejoong asked, eyes glowing a bright red, swirling with various emotions but mostly apprehension. "I…wanted to see you." Changmin breathed, his voice loud in the quiet of this…dungeon.

"You?" Jaejoong laughed, humorless yet bright. It tore at Changmin’s heart. That’s not how he wanted to hear his laugh after so long. "Wanted to see me? See me like this?" he laughed again, the sound echoing off the stone walls. "You mean you wanted to see your little butterfly in a jar. As less than what I used to be,” “Jaejoong, no,” “I was beautiful!” Jaejoong yelled, lashing out at Changmin but the chains held him back.

"I was beautiful. Humans, even the other gods who hated me couldn’t deny my beauty. My body was flawless, unmarked and smooth. Milky white. I was perfection. I was without a single flaw…" he trailed off, anguish in his eyes as he leaned against the stone circle that kept him bound. He went silent, head bowed, Changmin couldn’t see what he was thinking and that worried him. He could always read him so well.

"And now…I have these scars…" His hands held his face in his hands, shackles jingling with the movement. "There’s dirt on my skin. My eyes, blue as the ocean have now changed." When Jaejoong looked up again, his eyes were blazing red, face contorted with fury.

"I’m hideous, how could you even stand to come look at me now? When I’m no longer beautiful?" Jaejoong roared, lashing out again, the chains working to restrain muted power. Changmin only stared back, buried pain reflecting the torment in Jaejoong’s eyes. Jaejoong wasn’t just angry that Changmin had left him like this. His pride and joy that was his appearance, which lured Changmin to him, it had suffered under the captivity he put him in. And so Changmin chose his words carefully.

"…You still are."

[2/? - Jaemin AU continuation]

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CM: "I do come across as too blunt, right?"

JJ: “No, you’re not blunt. You’re so lovely.”

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19/? Dong Bang Shin Ki airport pics

when yunho started talking to the silver bear and changmin just…

Reblog if you think JYJ should be on variety shows and promoting their music.

take all of me

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Fell in the deepest love with Tohoshinki