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Discontinued - LAST POST

Well this is it.

After this post, there will be no more posts to this blog.

For those who missed the news, I’m moving to a new multi-fandom blog (HERE ) and will no longer be using this blog.

However, it will remain open for those who want to rummage through my tags and old text posts.

Thank you all for making this blog what it was, even for its short-lived existence. I wish everyone the best and hope the future will be bright for you all!


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cassies: *sees Jaejoong running half naked through the streets*
cassies: *sigh*
cassies: We all knew this day would come.
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Junsu in Fiestar’s Vista MV.

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Same old: Junsu Pabo

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Junsu’s message to Junho’s movie “Urban Games”.

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what if you gained your icons personality for a week

Porn. Food. Legos. Bitches. Everyday. Yo.

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the slippery leader and the clumsy Bambi ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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The way Yunho watches as Changmin goes down… OTL

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"You’re late."

Yunho watches his the man stride into the club, looking too sharp and almost overdressed. Changmin looks good as always, good enough to bend over the bar and take him there. But here in public, they’re simply business partners. “Perhaps you’re early hyung. You don’t have to be punctual to a club.” Changmin grins, wasting no time in passing by Yunho, grabbing a glass of wine and greeting other friends for a few moments. Even while greeting his friends, Changmin’s eyes are on him, knowing his dongsaeng is thinking the same thoughts as he.

"So. You look a bit occupied for someone sitting alone. Is something wrong?" Changmin asked, making his way over to Yunho again. "Couldn’t stay away for long hmm?" Yunho chuckled, the smile fading slightly. He sighed and picked up his drink, facing the counter again. "Behind you. On the dance floor."

Changmin turned to look, eyes immediately seeking just the man Yunho was talking about. He looked like he was having a little too much fun, dancing with whoever wasn’t shy, moving his body in ways that were far too sinful. His suit pulled across muscled thighs, body winding in a way that caught the eye of anyone who walked past. Lust immediately pulled at Changmin, enchanted by how the man moved, and if he would move the same way in bed.

"I’ve been watching him most of the night. I want him Changmin-ah." Yunho murmurs, eyes lidded as he watches the stranger move on the floor. Changmin looks at Yunho, knowing that look in his eyes. It’s the look of a man who knows what he wants and knows how to get it. It’s how they met after all.

Changmin looks from his hyung, back to the man on the floor.”That’s too bad. I want him too.” 

9/50 DBSK Drabbles

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