just taking a break

Hi fellow tohoporn lovers:

if anyone has been wondering where I’ve been over the last week, I’ve been taking a break from everything and reevaluating everything in my life. I have been feeling kind of down and my negativity about things pretty much exploded over a week ago and I decided I needed a break. 

And sadly, I still do.

Not sure how long it will be at this point. There’s still some personal feelings I need to get reigned in and figured out before I feel like I can come back with the same enthusiasm that I had before….but I WILL be back. I’m just letting you guys know that I’m NOT gone forever and I’m NOT planning on deleting this blog and skipping out or anything….just taking a much needed break from my fandoms. 

Some things might change when I get back. Like, I do plan on setting up my other blog for other kpop groups and using that more, but that’s just a plan in the future and keeping this one separate from the others. 

Anyway, just if anyone was curious as to my whereabouts, I’m okay and I’m still here :)

Thank you for the endless support and the fact that many of you are still following me despite my unnoticed MIA. I miss everyone and hope everyone is doing well. No worries, I should be back soon~

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Dp and theme change! be prepared xD

shimdromes said: CHANGMIN NIPPLEEEEES that is all :3

The Queen has spoken!!!!

So I shall deliver~

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gheyness overdoadimage

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min's nipples or jae's nipples? xD and now that we have those glorious photos would you change your icon to min's nipples?

Lol probably the jae nipples. Min nipples are beautiful but Jae nipple has its own personality not mention having been pierced before~. It deserves it’s own twitter, instagram, and facebook account tbh ;D JAE YOU BETTER MAKE THIS HAPPEN YOUR NIPPLES ARE FAMOUS *FLAILS*

Most likely. As much as I love Jaenipple, it’s been soooo long since I’ve had Changmin as a dp ;; so I think Min nipple deserves some of the spotlight for a while. I’ll definitely change it soon :33

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28) What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had? 

Pulling my groin muscle playing basketball. I’ve had so many ankle and knee injuries (not to mention having switches on my face) but pulling that muscle was the most painful thing ever. And the ache lasts FOREVER ;;

Thanks for playing bb~

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“When asked what he thinks of Turkish fans, he said that Turkish girls are very beautiful.  He thinks that if he can find a Turkish girl who can speak Korean well, he can even consider marrying her and all the fans were screaming and JaeJoong was very shy so he just went under the table.” ©

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